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Professional liability insurance / financial loss liability insurance for those working in the aviation industry
(Professional indemnity / E&O insurance)

This risk cover is vital to the following professional fields:

  • Aircraft expert
  • Aviation consultant
  • Aircraft management company
  • CAMO or AMO officer
  • Aircraft designer
  • Air charter broker
  • Lease management organisations
  • Consulting firms

Whenever you are accused of having caused damage by giving bad advice (a breach of your contractual duties), your insurer will help you examine the claims.
Depending on the outcome, the insurer will settle the claims or reject them.

As such, this covers the immense costs of lawyers or courts.

Claims arising from any existing hangar keeper’s or product liability insurance policies take precedence.

We work with a world-leading specialist in this segment.

Did you know?

This cover has additional benefits, such as: Global insurance cover, Costs of legal defence, loss prevention tips (advice), support through a global network, dividends for extensions (continuity credit) and industrial expertise with underwriting and claims.