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Airport or airside liability insurance

This type of insurance covers the owners and operators of an airport if property damage or personal injuries occur on the premises of an airport.

At an airport, there are risks and hazards in either the public or private (secure) areas that can be covered by a liability insurance policy.

The airport itself can take out this insurance, as can the third-party contractor if the work has been assigned to it.
Although the airport can cover all risks and hazards with airside liability insurance, the third-party contractor can take out ground handler's liability insurance (see the separate point), public liability insurance Third party legal liability insurance or product liability insurance.

Each individual contract governs whether the airport or the third-party service provider is assuming the liability.

Here are some examples of insurable airport services:

  • Administrative processing and monitoring on the ground (control, handling and storage of cargo)
  • Flight handling (passenger supervision on departure, arrival, transit, ticket and travel document control, baggage registration and conveyance)
  • Handling of luggage/cargo and post
  • Apron services (pilots, assistance with parking the aircraft, loading and unloading, supply and use of necessary resources)
    • Conveyance of crew or baggage between the aircraft and/or the airport building
    • Assistance with starting the engines (GPU services)
    • Catering
  • Cleaning and aircraft service
    • Interior and exterior cleaning, toilets and water service, de-icing services
  • Refuelling services (fuelling and defuelling, fuel storage and quality checking, oil level checking)
  • Line maintenance services
    • Routine procedures prior to departure
    • Individual jobs (at the request of the user)
    • Storage of maintenance materials and spare parts
    • Provision of a parking space (for waiting/parking time or maintenance)
  • Flight operation and crew services
    • Flight preparation
    • Support during or after the flight
  • Ground-based transport services
    • Organisation and conveyance of passengers, crew, baggage, cargo and post between buildings
  • On-board catering services
    • Mediation with suppliers
    • Storage of drinks, food or goods to be sold on board