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Besso Grimme Insurance Brokers GmbH
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Why do you need us, an aviation insurance broker?

Why not take out insurance straight from an insurer?

You don’t need our services if you:

… do not think it is important for your insurance agent to be independent of insurance companies and act not in your interest, but rather in the interest of the insurer

… do not want to be able to speak to a real person quickly and are not bothered by being put on hold or automated attendants

… have years of experience dealing with different insurers whose conditions, tariffs, contractual terms and claim settlement procedures are known to you

… have a continuous overview of national and international aviation insurance markets and underwriting pools

… perform a new market analysis every year in order to negotiate the best possible insurance cover or premiums

… have a wealth of experience in monitoring and processing cases of damage

… can rely on your insurer to provide the necessary confirmations, certificates and documents quickly, with no red tape:

In that case, you are already in good hands.

Otherwise, you will value our services because:

We have no corporate ties with insurers, regardless of which insurers we recommend to you. We represent our customers’ interests.

Naturally, we do not work for free. We either receive commission from the insurance company or a fee from you. It’s always fair, transparent and reasonable.

However, as money isn’t everything, we should add:

Our team works together closely in the various fields (sales, operation, loss, bookkeeping and accounting) to avoid complex administrative processes so that decisions can be made quickly.

We have been working together in aviation insurance for many years now and we are a highly experienced and coordinated team.

We don’t drop everything at 6 p.m.! If necessary and urgent, we will even fulfil your requests outside of normal business hours. We will not be satisfied until you are. This is our heartfelt promise.

How we work with and for you:


  1. Risk assessment and demand analysis
    We work with you to determine and analyse the individual risk to which you, your company and your aircraft are exposed. From this, we derive your need to cover the financial impacts of the risk.
    These might be
    • from non-life insurance, such as hull or engine breakdown insurance for aircraft
    • from liability insurance, such as third-party or passenger legal liability insurance or public, hangar keeper’s or product liability insurance
    • relating to fixed-benefit insurance (accident insurance)
  2. Risk identification and avoidance
    We identify the risks you are already avoiding and how you have structured them (safety management).
  3. Risk assessment
    We evaluate the information we have gathered to assess your individual risk and the resulting need for insurance.
  4. Structuring of insurance solutions
    On this basis, we obtain quotations from various insurers, compare and evaluate them and calculate the total costs for you. It is important to look for more than just the cheapest quotation. The scope of cover, the service offered by the insurer and its liquidity and rating are all priorities.
  5. Presentation of insurance options
    We present you with the optimal quotation for an insurance policy and explain the specifics in terms of its cover, its rates and what exactly it covers.
    We might suggest possible alternatives and discuss what the better variant is.
  1. Decisions made by you
    You decide whether to
    • accept the quotation for the policy
    • compare the insurance with the cover you already have
    • obtain more insurance quotations
    • bear the risk yourself.
  2. Work before and after the insurance policy is taken out
    With your consent, we will obtain a cover note from the insurance company and make sure that the insurer delivers the necessary policy, confirmations of cover, certificates and other documents.
  3. Day-to-day business
    During the term of the policy, we will be your point of contact if you need to make any necessary modifications or additions to your policy, request documents or have questions about your cover.
  4. If the worst should happen:
    We will be there with help and advice if you need to make a claim. We will also help you file your claim and liaise with the insurer. We will strive to obtain the best possible settlement for your claim because we want the promises made in your insurance policies to be kept.
  5. Work prior to the expiry of the policy
    Aviation insurance policies normally only last for one year. Alternatively, in cases of automatic renewal, a policy can be terminated three months before the end of the policy period. In good time before the end of the policy period, we will contact you to check whether you want to make any changes, what new risks have arisen or what risks no longer exist, and follow the procedure described above.


Our guiding principle is to help you understand, through a shared dialogue, how to get the most comfort and peace of mind from your insurance and what insurance cover is right for you.

In today’s world where old boundaries are being torn down and new ones are being drawn, it is more important than ever to be prepared for these changes.

One thing has not changed however: our Hanseatic belief that all parties benefit from long-term ties.

In keeping with this conviction, we have long-term ties with clients not only in the airline segment, but also in general aviation, airports and MRO companies.

As important as these business relationships are, we never neglect our clients in flight schools, private aviation and aviation clubs, because this is often where passion for flying is ignited.

Everything begins with asking questions in order to gain answers and draw appropriate conclusions from them.

So ask us and let us both find out what you need as a potential future client, and how we can achieve your goal.